Presenting the top award winners from the largest theater festival in the world

  • “Mouthpiece” – Winner 2019 "Mouthpiece" by Kieran Hurley directed by Orla O'Loughlin, associate director, Kartherine NesbittStarring Shauna Macdonald and Angus TaylorProduced by Traverse Theatre,… More

  • Ulster American review at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

    “Ulster American” – Winner 2018 The 2018 winner was “Ulster American” by David Ireland, directed by Gareth Nicholls, produced by Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. Gareth Nicholls’ production was… More

  • “Borders” – Winner 2017 Written by Henry NaylorDirected by Michael CabotProduced by Redbeard Theatre, UK The 2017 winner was “Borders” by Henry Naylor, directed… More

  • “The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk” – Winner 2017 Written by Daniel JamiesonDirected by Emma RiceProduced by Kneehigh, Cornwall, U.K. The second winner of 2017 was “The Flying Lovers… More

  • “Life According To Saki” – Winner 2016 The 2016 Best of Edinburgh Award Winner "LIFE ACCORDING TO SAKI" by Katherine Rundell was announced August 26 at the… More

  • “Key Change” – Winner 2015 In August 2015, “Key Change” by Open Clasp Theatre Company, won the latest Award.  This astounding play is absolutely authentic—it… More

  • “The Object Lesson” – Winner 2014 The 2014 Winner of the Best of Edinburgh Award was Geoff Sobelle’s THE OBJECT LESSON. Geoff created a world of… More

  • “The Events” – Winner 2013 “The Events” by David Grieg won the Award at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2013.  The play, stunningly directed by… More

  • “Mies Julie” – Winner 2012 In 2012, there were two Award winners.  The first to "Mies Julie" adapted from the Strindberg by Yael Farber and… More

  • “Leo” – Winner 2011 How to describe Leo?  A piece of theatre combining dance, mime, video, music and endless amounts of soul.  This is… More

  • “Ovid’s Metamorphoses” – Winner 2010 From the moment we entered the theatre and saw the frozen tableau of WW Two garbed actors—we knew this piece… More

  • “Little Gem” – Winner 2009 Never has a family pulled me into its embrace as quickly as the three generations of this Dublin family. Elaine… More

  • “Eight” – Winner 2008 Eight is a collection of extraordinary tales of remarkably self aware young adults: a politically conservative prostitute keeping old values alive;… More

  • “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” – Winner 2007 How did these four people, comprising 1927, take Edinburgh by storm? Not only did our winning play capture our hearts -… More

  • “Goodness” – Winner 2006 Photos L to R Jordan Pettle, Lili Francks. The 2007 winner, "Goodness", was presented at P.S. 122, March 1 -… More

  • “Absence and Presence” – Winner 2005 I was unbelievably fortunate to see Andrew Dawson's last performance in Edinburgh.  It has stayed with me ever since. It… More

  • “Sisters, Such Devoted Sisters” – Winner 2004 The irony of the title grows ever clearer as you watch this riveting play, written and performed by Russell Barr.… More

  • “Rosebud” – Winner 2004 Mark Jenkins’ play is a brilliant exploration of one of film’s iconic figures, Orson Welles. Through Christian McKay’s confident performance,… More